Tonight I went to a local pizza place with my son Andy for dinner.  It was one of those rare occasions when I actually get to visit with him for more than 5 minutes.   We both have busy lives so when the opportunity presents itself I grab at it!  While dining he was asking me about that new store where my salsa is being sold?   It was on our way home so when we got in the car I said let’s go over there I’d like to see my salsa jars on the shelves too.  We drove over to Arrow Wine and Spirits off Lyons in Centerville, across the street from Sam’s Club.  WOW was I surprised when I walked in and went over to the Gourmet Foods section, it was fabulous and my salsa jars were displayed in a couple of different areas, they even had my informational flyer and business card laminated.   Now I know it is not that big of a deal but when you see you product for the first time in such a classy store it is quite thrilling. Check it out, you will be amazed at all the gift ideas they have and incredible selection of wine, beer and of course my salsa!                                     "Life is for loving and eating my salsa!" Peg

If you love OHIO we are showcasing the best of Ohio-produced handmade and artisan goods. Guests of central Ohio’s favorite retail destination will have to look no further for locally-sourced candies, jewelry, and specialty goods and of course My Salsa!  Come to the the Grand Opening of Celebrate Local this Saturday October 1st located at the Easton Town Center in Columbus.  

The special times in our lives

Today I went to a baby shower for Sarah D. It was great fun and Patty, Sarah's mom, had my salsa along with Tortilla chips as one of the snacks on the table along with other snacks like cheese and crackers etc. A Bit of a Bite Salsa is convenient, tasty, and healthy. It's a great snack to encourage people to have conversations and enjoy each other because it is so simple. Because of its unique and hearty flavor, A Bit of a Bite Salsa is just more fun. A Bit of a Bite Salsa is a great snack at a baby shower All these lovely ladies like to talk and eat together

 When do you like to talk and share over easy to eat snacks?

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  Thanks Brinkman's Turkey Farms! Ingredients 1 can Brinkman's Chicken (drained) 1 cup Shredded Mexican Cheese 1/2 jar (8oz) A Bit of a Bite Salsa 1 8oz pkg. Cream Cheese How do I make it? Add all ingredients into crock-pot and stir.  Heat until all cheeses are melted. Then what do I do? Serve with your favorite dipping chip.  Enjoy!

  We just got back from Easton Town Center in Columbus, OH. My son Andy and his friend Blake and I were the salsa team of the day.  We were one of several vendors showing Ohio Proud products at the Easton Fall Harvest. This event was sponsored by Ohio Proud.  We met so many incredible people who loved the salsa!  Thanks Andy and Blake,fun day it was. Considering it was our first festival type event, we felt very fortunate, to be right next to the BEE people!  Amy and David started a business a few years ago called Beecology wow that is great stuff. I love the lotion and soap!  Check out their website.  We also met Gene From Brinkman Turkey Farms, we traded my salsa for his chicken. He then put my salsa in an appetizer he was making to sample to the public.   Oh it was delicious and easy to make.  Be sure to click on my recipe tab and try his recipe. Two hours from home and I meet people in my own backyard- practically!  Monica From Bessie's Homemade Noodles.  She has the recipe from her Grandma and it is something special to try.  I look forward to running into her in our community! It was a good day networking, sharing, selling and meeting Ohio people. “Life is for loving and eating my salsa!”  Time to sample some salsa! Peg  


Saturday September 10


Easton Town Center

     We will be there with A Bit of a Bite Salsa for you to sample and purchase. Come and see a great display of Ohio made product.  Bring your family and friends!