Free Range Chicken Tenderloin cut in cubes
Garlic and herb spices
soft shell tacos
Grated cheese
Red Beans with rice
A Bit of a Bite Salsa - your favorite flavor

How do I make it?

Saute the chicken chunks with the garlic and spice. Warm the soft taco shell, add your toppings and finish it off with A Bit of a Bite Salsa! That's the bite I'm talking about.  🙂                      

Then what do I do?

Oh my savor the flavor.
                Thanks Randy M.

  OK - it is not any national holiday but I have been thinking about some things lately and our country comes to mind.  Now this has nothing to do with politics!  It has everything to do with the human spirit!  Last week while I was in the Celebrate Local Store at Easton in Columbus, OH it hit me like a ton of bricks - or should I say a ton of salsa jars.  🙂  Anyway, I have had a few less than desirable days, we all get them.  As I was traveling (about 2 hours) to get to Celebrate Local to sample my salsa, the closer I was to the store the more I could feel the weight lifting from my shoulders and the sense of peace and joy began to take over.  I know I know it is just salsa (well A Bit of a Bite Salsa) but it is what happens because of the salsa that ignites me. Having a store dedicated to local vendors is pure AMERICAN!  Supporting our community and our country - that's America. Then there are the people behind the products - all have a dream, the American dream.  We are thriving no matter what we will continue to grow.  I love being a part of this movement to get back in balance with nature!  It is good for all of us, our health, our food system and our planet! Most importantly it is the consumer that enters the doors of our store. I greet them with my heartfelt "Hi, come on over to sample my salsa"  and it is instantly a friend.  People are so wonderful! People are so supportive! People are so incredibly fun-loving.  Who's having a bad day? Surely not me.                      YAY AMERICA!  

Come on and sample some salsa :

  Saturday March 10th  8 -2pm  A Greener You  located in the 2nd Street Market in Downtown Dayton, OH Saturday March 24th  1-5pm Arrow Wine & Spirits located in Centerville OH