The few years of being in business we have definitely gone through a some changes. Our Mission is to nurture our community by providing a variety of unique, nutritious high quality gourmet products made with all-natural, locally sourced, and/or organic, non-GMO fresh ingredients free of chemicals. When we bottled our first jar of salsa in July of 2011 we knew we had a long way to go and that there would be much to learn.  The farmer who grows our vegetables is a local Ohio farm that uses no chemicals and grow non-GMO (Genetically Modified Organisms) produce. Our tomatoes are also grown in Ohio and are non-GMO.  Our unique blend of spices are high quality organic spices that enhances the flavor of all our products! We love health and nutrition, we love food, we love to cook with great ingredients.  You keep enjoying our products and we will keep making the best for you!  Hayden