Our Flavors

sarah-sweetSarah Sweet We created this blend especially for the sweet-toothed. The balanced combination of spices creates a slight bite to complement the sweetness. Sarah Sweet is great on baked brie or with fruit for a healthy sweet treat. Buy locally
melissa-medium-mainMelissa Medium Our original flavor and also the most popular, Melissa Medium is perfect for the classic corn chip. The sweet, tangy flavor and subtle heat make Melissa Medium an irresistible and wholesome treat to please even the pickiest of palettes. Buy locally in Dayton and Columbus
heiny-hot-mainHeiny Hot Developed for the most courageous palette. Spread some on your burrito or casserole when you are craving a little heat in your life. The combination of heat and that recognizable tang of A Bit of a Bite Salsa make this our most exciting flavor. Buy locally
Three Sisters Our newest salsa flavor is a hearty blend of organic black beans, non-GMO corn and squash, inspired by the Native American tradition of growing these three plants in unison. Buy locally in Dayton and Columbus