A Bit of a Bite Salsa has fans who eagerly share their thoughts on our salsas.
"I wanted you to know that my wife and I loved the salsa!  I would say a bit too much in fact; we ate the whole jar at about 10pm the night you gave it to me.  I woke up at 3 am and had to run to Kroger for Tums because I had heartburn so bad I thought my stomach was going to spontaneously combust.  I would expect no less from a salsa called “Heiny Hot”!  I saw how much habanero went into the batch I should have known not to eat the whole darn jar before bed right?  Good stuff!"   -- Marc McE.      
So I asked this question of an online salsa customer if she received her 2 jars of salsas?  Her reply "Yes it was a big hit n my boys ate it like candy. I got one blasted chip.  So I guess you will be hearing from me quite often  🙂     --  Wendy  G.
I sold Dawn 9 jars of salsa last week and gave her my meatloaf recipe, less than a week later here is her email to me 🙂   "I made the meatloaf and so did one of  my friends.  LOVED IT!  I am out of salsa already.  Can I get 12 more jars this time.  6 sweet and 6 medium"   --    Dawn H.
"Took all three jars of the salsa to the party last night. oh man, it went over big time. it was all the buzz at the buffet table. I heard,"  "Lisa made this? Wow!". I said NO it's from my neighbor, then the best comment from Scott A. "it's like a party going on in your mouth!"   --   Lisa M.
"Peg, My husband and I met you last weekend at 2nd St. Market in Dayton and bought your Melissa Medium salsa. Let me just tell you: BEST SALSA EVER! Not even exaggerating. It didn't last but 2 days in our house. Sweet, chunky, and a little kick - all the best combinations you could put in a jar! We looked for you this past weekend at the market but you were elsewhere promoting your fabulous concoction. Not to worry - we bought 2 jars this time and will be stocking up weekly! I wish you nothing but success in your business venture - may God bless your efforts."  -- Best, Austin S.
"I tried your medium salsa today at Second Street Market--it was very good. I look forward to trying your sarah sweet salsa."--Teresa G.
"By far, this is the best salsa I have ever tasted anywhere! There is something about the flavor that has my mouth watering for the next bite. I use the salsa for dipping chips, as well as a number of recipes in my kitchen. It's simply amazing!"  -- Larry D.
"I was never a huge fan of salsa, but A Bit of a Bite is a salsa that I could eat every day. Spicy foods have always turned me off, because my tolerance for spices is very low. The first time I tried it I could not believe what I was tasting. I tried Sarah Sweet and the spices were very subtle and did not burn my mouth, which was perfect for me. The flavor changed my mind on salsas and now I can't get enough!"  -- S.D.
"I’ts like magic!  When you open a jar good things happen."   -- Jennifer D
"When I open a jar I can’t put it down.  Then when I realize I ate the whole jar I get kindda depressed it’s all gone."    --Kendra F.
"We sat down for supper and polished of the whole jar of your salsa."  -- Nancy K.
"My 13 year old son said this is the best salsa I have ever eaten. Melissa Medium on broccoli for a kid who doesn’t like broccoli works."  🙂   --  Katy M
"Loved the salsa! I truly did love it, it was sweet but still had some spice and I thought it had a unique flavor. Thank you so much for letting us try it!"   -- Denise B.
"I put your salsa in most everything I make, it spices things up."  -- Paula H.
“Life is for loving and eating my salsa!” Peg